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Photo Gallery



                         Sharon 2
 This is Sharon who was photographed whilst dancing at the Studio - we were going to use this photograph for the cover of the Dvd's but we decided against it.
 DSC00612                   Italy         Venue Italy 1
These are great photos of our workshops in Rome, Italy. The students are really keen and we have lots of fun.

Sharon & Ken 2

.                      Russ and Sharon 1
This is a great picture of Kenny and Sharon taken at the studio.  This is the day we filmed the first Dvd and it was manic.  Another a great picture of Sharon and Russ Winstanley.  Russ kindly spared his valuable time to assist us when making the Dvd's.  We had a great time and as the picture shows, we got along really well and all had a good time listening to the great stories of Wigan.  Thank you Russ.
Blackpool Schools 7Blackpool Schools 21
I did some workshops in various schools in Blackpool in March 2014.  The children were fantastic and as you can see we made friends really quickly.The children being taught a northern soul dance move, they were great at spinning!!  next generation soulies me thinks!!
Blackpool Schools 41Blackpool Schools 9
All the children keeping the faith!  We had a fantastic time teaching the children in Blackpool.  They were really great to work with and they learned alot about pop sub-cultures and especially northern soul.  They were proud to know that one of the great venues was in their town - the fantastic Blackpool Mecca.
 Isle of Wight Fest 2
 What a great time we had at the Isle of Wight Festival - Just Brilliant northern soul sessions.
 Handstands              Handstands             Handstands             Handstands             Handstands              Handstands