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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

This is Sharon who was photographed whilst dancing at the Studio - we were going to use this photograph for the cover of the Dvd's but we decided against it.
This is a great photo of one of our workshops in Rome, Italy. The students are really keen and we have lots of fun.
  Russ and Sharon 1
This is a great picture of Sharon and Russ Winstanley.  Russ kindly spared his valuable time to assist us when making the Dvd's.  We had a great time and as the picture shows, we got along really well and all had a good time listening to the great stories of Wigan.  Thank you Russ.
Sharon & Ken 2
This is a great picture of Kenny and Sharon taken at the studio.  This is the day we filmed the first Dvd and it was manic.
St Peters 1
This is part of one studio in our lovely new building, we also have a studio which is much bigger on the 2nd floor.
Blackpool Schools 7
I did some workshops in various schools in Blackpool in March 2014.  The children were fantastic and as you can see we made friends really quickly.
Blackpool Schools 21
The children being taught a northern soul dance move, they were great at spinning!!  next generation soulies me thinks!!
Blackpool Schools 41
All the children keeping the faith!
 Blackpool Schools 9
We had a fantastic time teaching the children in Blackpool.  They were really great to work with and they learned alot about pop sub-cultures and especially northern soul.  They were proud to know that one of the great venues was in their town - the fantastic Blackpool Mecca.
 Handstands              Handstands             Handstands             Handstands             Handstands              Handstands