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Northern Soul Dance Tuition DVD's

Keep the faith and keep fit at home! 

Our professionally-produced and directed Northern Soul dance tuition DVD’s are available from our web shop. You can order online, email Sharon with your order, or send a cheque to the studio. If you find they’re out of stock, contact Sharon to see when they will next be available - we might be able to find some extra copies.


These unique Northern Soul dance tuition DVD's are available for ladies and gents, beginners and intermediates. The beginners’ version is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basics, some of which are quite tricky. The intermediate tuition follows on from the beginners - the moves are more complicated and harder to master.


Of course, learning from a DVD isn’t a real substitute for learning with a teacher, as a DVD can’t correct you or give individual advice - but if you can’t get to our workshops, these are an really good substitute.

Start with the beginners' DVD if you’re new to this dance. Pause the DVD many times and keep repeating the steps until you can do them without thinking, before moving on. Repeat this process with each step, and you’ll soon build up a great range of moves. Keep repeating before speeding up, especially with the intermediate moves.


New DVD's number 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 have now all been filmed and are with the editors, these should be available for sale very shortly.


Don’t worry if it doesn’t look the same as when demonstrated by Sharon - there is always room for your own style. 

To order, go to the web shop and click on Dance Tuition DVD’s.

Please allow at least 7 days for UK delivery - and order early if you need these for a specific date, to make sure we can supply them in time - especially around Christmas.