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We spoke to the owner Sharon about her love for Northern Soul and her favourite track. Here’s what she had to say about the music that makes her feel soul good!

So ‘Better Use Your Head’ by Little Anthony & The Imperials was the first ever Northern Soul 45rpm I purchased some time in the 1970’s. It was my most treasured vinyl and to this day I still absolutely love it. I would have to say it’s still my all-time favourite Northern Soul tune. I love this track because firstly it is a fast track - I love fast tracks and dancing to fast them. It has a great intro and as soon as I hear the first note, I jump out of my seat to dance, I just can't help it! The tune and the lyrics are fantastic! When I dance to it, I get completely lost in the music and forget about everything and the world around me, all my attention is on the music and feeling good. I could never just sit and listen to it - I just have to dance!

When I started doing my workshops in Rome, Italy back in 2010, one of my students, Federico Torcia, was busy collecting 45’s as he loved the music and was a really good DJ. I kept playing the track in the lesson for us to learn moves to and he expressed how much he loved the tune. We kept meeting years afterwards as he always attended my lessons and so we became great friends. He DJ’d many workshops and all-nighters in Rome with us so as a way to say thank you, I decided to send him the record. When he received it we had a video call, he was in tears and told me that this was now his very own treasured record - not only because he loved the track but because he knew how much it meant to me. Knowing the fact that it has now become one of his favourites means so much to me personally so it really is a special track and holds a lot of good memories for me. I know that still to this day when he plays it at his shows, he always follows it up with a little speech on how he obtained it and always dedicates it to me which is so lovely. I’m truly grateful to have found that track all those years ago and to the joy it’s helped to bring myself and others even to this day.

We’d like to hear about your favourite Northern Soul track and what it’s meant to you so tell us your story in the comments!

If you would like to learn how to start dancing Northern Soul style, check out our shop for our dance tutorials using the link below. Happy dancing!

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Deborah 'Debs' Anthony
Mar 22, 2021

This is such a great story and a great song too! I really like the idea of you giving your treasured record away, Sharon - it must mean so much to Federico.

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