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Know who is teaching you - Professional Dance Teachers Only!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Here at Northern Soul Dance, I only have professional certified dance teachers. Not only do I insist on ALL of my teachers having a professional teachers status, they must have public liability insurance. This insurance is essential to ensure YOU are safe and your instructor is safe. I have built up my dance business for over 30 years and my reputation is second to none. I spent 10 years studying for all my dance teaching certificates and am now a Fellow of professional dance teachers, am registered with the BBC and ITV, and have quite a number of 'A' List actors, recording artists and bands on my books. I am considered an expert on Northern Soul Dance and feel I have earned my stripes over the years.

I am qualified to train any person to become a dance teacher and take them through to their teaching exams. To become a professional dance teacher you need the following ...

The Provisional - This syllabus is basically a foundation course in dance teaching, it gets you ready for the actual training and once passed you can progress to the Associate certificate. The Provisional licence is exactly what it says, it is a provisional (like the driving licence), it only enables you to 'teach' with a professional dance teacher present.

The Associate level is quite gruelling and once passed - you can teach on your own, using your own choreography which you will be trained to produce.

Always ask to see your 'teacher's' certification, you are paying for a service, make sure you are in safe hands with a teacher who is fully qualified to teach you with skill, knowledge and in safety.

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