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Northern Soul Dance launches their new website!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Northern Soul Dance banner

Northern Soul Dance have just launched their new and improved website. We’ve made it super easy to now find the products you are looking for, make bookings and learn about Northern Soul Dance. Keep your eye on our blog to follow news on Northern Soul Dance and all other Northern Soul related goodness!

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Beginners and intermediates workshop Huddersfield

Join us for our beginners and intermediats northern soul dance workshop in Huddersfield on sunday 23rd June noon till 2pm. Each group will have their own teacher. Just let me know if you want a place.

Workshop 10th March

Hi all just a reminder that the above workshop is cancelled, its mother's day!!

Workshops to end 2023

I hope you can dance with us on one of our final workshops for 2023. We have our last sessions in Oxford on 10th December and our last session in Kentish Town on 17th December. We will be back again

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Mar 11, 2021

Love the new website 😍

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